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We're Launching The
"Funnel Hackers Toolkit"
May 4th - PLC #1
"What's My Funnel" Quiz?
May 7th - PLC #2
Profitable Traffic Hacks Training
May 10th - PLC #3
The Profitable Funnel Blueprint
May 13th - Live Training
"Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
@ 10a PST
May 14th - Live Training
"Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
@ 1p PST
May 15th - Cart Open
May 16th - Encore Training
"Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
@ 4p PST
May 18th - Cart Closes
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  • Promote: May 1st to May 18th
  • Pre-Launch Content: May, 4th, 7th, & 10th
  • Live Training Days: Saturday May 13th, Sunday May 14th
  • Cart Opens: May 15th
  • Cart Closes: May 18th
  • Program Start Date: June 7th
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