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Live Launch™
We're Launching The
"Live Launch Bootcamp"
Day 1 to 4 - Gift #1 - Traffic & Follow Up with Funnel Bots
Day 5 to 7 - Gift #2
The Funnel Toolkit
Day 8 to 11 - PLC #3
"What's My Funnel" Quiz?
Day 12 to 15 - Masterclass
"Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
June 15th @ 11a -  PST
Day 12 - Pre-Cart Opens
Day 16 to 20 - Every 15 Min. 
Evergreen Webinar 
Day 21 to 22 - ENCORE Webinar (11 Hours Later)
10 Days after Webinar - Cart Closes
11+ Days from Webinar
Downsell Sequence
Promoting the Product & Services at InVert Inc is a “No Brainer” to creating business transformation for your people and FAT commission checks for you. We're excited to deliver massive value to your following.
Funnel Magazine 

Gift #2 - The Funnel Toolkit
This Is a Pure Value add of All of the Tools That We Use (and Have) to Build Funnels. This is a Great Tool To Give out and Get Affiliate Commissions on Our Other Products/Services

Gift #3 - "What's My Funnel" Quiz?
- The Quiz is great for all levels of Funnel Builders because it segments them and gives them customized content for their niche and level of experience.
It Segments them into 4 Buckets:
• Agencies 
• Making Money with Funnels
• Making Money Online 
Not Making Money Online

Live Launch Masterclass ($97) 
In This 4 Hour Live Training We're Going To:
1st Hour: Build a Funnel
2nd Hour: Drive Traffic to the Funnel
3rd Hour: Set Up a Bot to Follow Up Automatically
4th Hour: Q&A

Evergreen Webinar Training - Share Your Message With The Masses and Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert...Without Using a Traditional Launch Formula (… even if you don’t have a list)
Secret #1The ONLY Proven Launch System to Be Profitable Before You GO LIVE
Secret #2 -Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert to Attract The Masses to Follow You
Secret #3 -The 3 Key Parts to Every Launch that Can Easily 3x Your Business nearly overnight
This Is A Perfect Product And Experience For Your Clients Who Are Ready To Launch Their Next Product/Service using The Simple and Profitable Live Launch™ System.
Funnel Profits Blueprint
or 3 Monthly Payments of $397
  • 30% to 40% Commissions / $300 to $400 Per Sale
  • Monthly Evergreen Promotion: 30 Days Long
  • 1st to 4th - PLC #1 - Traffic & Follow Up with Funnel Bots
  • 5th - 7th - PLC #2 - The Funnel Toolkit
  • 8th to 11th - PLC #3 - "What's My Funnel" Quiz?
  • 12th to 22nd - Training - "Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
  • Weekly - LIVE Webinar on Thursdays @ 11am PST
  • Pre-Cart Closes - 25th
  • Cart Opens - Daily Recorded Webinar for Partners: 26th
  • Cart Closes: "30th"
  • Program Start Date: Evergreen
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