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2nd Edition: April 1
3rd Edition: June 1
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HTF has an Open Enrollment for Our Membership... 

We're Launching The
"Funnel Profits Toolkit"
May 4th - PLC #1
"What's My Funnel" Quiz?
May 7th - PLC #2
Profitable Traffic Hacks Training
May 10th - PLC #3
The Profitable Funnel Blueprint
May 13th - Live Training
"Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
@ 10a PST
May 14th - Live Training
"Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
@ 1p PST
May 15th - Cart Open
May 16th - Encore Training
"Funnel Hackers Bootcamp"
@ 4p PST
May 18th - Cart Closes
The Funnel Profits Toolkit
This Is A 12 Week Training (With The Bonus Of A Live 3-Day Event) For Your Clients Who Are Ready To Launch Their Next (or First) Funnel
Here's What They Get:
  •  Access to Our Team and Community of Funnel Builders for 12 Months - $6,000
  •  The Funnel Profits Mastery Blueprint - $1,997 Value: Design and Quickly Launch Your Funnels to be Profitable and Position You as the Expert
  •  HackThisFunnel Unlimited Membership - $2,997 Value: Get Access to Funnel Templates Modeled From Fortune 500
  •  8 Live Training Calls – $2,497 Value: Training and Q&A with Hawk Mikado to Show You How To Positions Yourself as The Expert in the Marketplace
  •  MyFunnel.Club Membership - $997 Value: Access 100's of Swipe Files, Royalty Free Images and Videos, Buttons, and More
  •    VIP Member Forum - $497 Value: To leverage the power of like minds and get all their questions answered.
  •  Member Spotlights – $499 Value: Putting Your business in front of thousands of other entrepreneurs
  •  + Powerful Training Modules, Case Studies, And Much More…(Priceless)
  •  Total Value of $14,184 Pay In Full is $1997 or 3 Payment of $799
May 4th - PLC #1 - "What's My Funnel" Quiz?
This Quiz is great for People new to Funnels and Online Marketing
May 7th - PLC #2 - Profitable Traffic Hacks Training
This is Great for People who Need Traffic
May 10th - PLC #3 - The Profitable Funnel Blueprint & Training
This Training is great for People Already Building Funnels and Want to Learn some New Things to Maximize Profits
May 13th - Live Training "Funnel Hackers Bootcamp" @ 10a PST
A to Z Training on How to Build a Funnel and Go Live in 3 to 4 Hours
May 14th - Live Training - "Funnel Hackers Bootcamp" @ 1p PST
A to Z Training on How to Build a Funnel and Go Live in 3 to 4 Hours
May 15th - Cart Open
May 16th - Encore Training - "Funnel Hackers Bootcamp" @ 4p PST
A to Z Training on How to Build a Funnel and Go Live in 3 to 4 Hours
May 18th - Cart Closes
Earn $800 Per Sale OR MORE… 

$1,000 Per Sale When You Send All Three Pieces Of Pre-Launch Content and Get 100+ Opt ins.

The Funnel Toolbox sells for $1,997 and you will earn a 40% commission. You can easily earn a 50% commission and earn $1000.00 per sale by sending all three pieces of Pre-Launch Content and Getting 100+ Opt ins. There will also be a payment plan offered which will net you even more.

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Notice: Please no garbage traffic. Your traffic must convert close to average in order to qualify and you can not use your own affiliate link to sign up for the program
Funnel Toolkit
then $97/mo after 12 Months* Cancel Any Time
  • 40% to 50% Commissions / $800 to $1,000 Per Sale
  • Promote: May 1st to May 18th
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